Who is Epic Adventurez?

Our founders, staff, volunteers and clients are an ever growing community of creative, active and expressive individuals. Teachers, builders, gamers, public service providers, artists, and athletes who value community focused cooperative experiences.



Mission Statement

Epic Adventurez builds healthy community through play.

What is Epic Adventurez all about?

Epic Adventurez produces events with a purpose. Our purpose is to build a healthy community on a foundation of cooperative play. The events we produce are experiences in cooperative achievement. When at play individuals are best able to bring their unique talents and passions forward for the enjoyment of the group. This is the value of play our programming is designed to release. Our combination of theatrical techniques and foam sword play evoke the timeless question in all players, "Who am I?" The exploration of archetypes within ourselves is an intentional practice. Free to explore who we are with ourselves and each other fills our events with a lightheartedness free of fear and full of possibility.