CTF is open to the public and all players age 8 and up. A waiver signed by a legal guardian is required for all players. $5 donation is requested.

Download CTF Waiver

Saturday: Clark Park

43rd & Baltimore.

1:00pm - 4:00pm. $5 donation requested.

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Join us for our weekly Capture The Flag (CTF) play days. CTF is a great opportunity to get some exercise outside, hone our stage combat techniques, work in some improv banter and hang out with friends new and old.

These events are provided to the public to encourage active outdoor play among our communities. We provide basic instruction for new players, general supervision and basic foam play equipment. You don't need to be a seasoned actor, gamer or athlete to play; we have plenty of friends join us each week who've never played a sport or been on stage, and they rock our socks off.

CTF is a cooperative sport because it runs on the honor system. There are no referees because the discipline of the game is to respond to the attacks of your opponents. So fight hard for your team but the glory doesn't go to the winners, in Epic Adventeruz the greatest honor is to "Die Well." Sportsmanship carry the highest rewards on the field were players praise each other for terrific acting and playing well. besides, you're back in the game in no time.

We play all year round and only cancel for lightning or truly horrid weather. You will find games on imperfect days populated by some of our best and most pleasurable players. A rainy day is a great chance to rack up some "Hard-core" points.

Games Played: